Insanely Good Graduation DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend

If graduation season is upon you and your boyfriend is graduating from university, you might be panicking about what to get him. Worry not, as the following ideas are sure to show how proud you are of him.

A DIY Leather Wallet

Buy an affordable, stylish, and useful leather wallet. To make it extra special, consider embossing his name onto the front, or his graduation year. Every time he takes his wallet out, he’ll remember his special day and who got his wallet for him. If you’re feeling extra cheesy, slip a picture of the two of you into one of the pockets. It’ll make him smile every time he opens the wallet up!

A DIY Bracelet

Bracelets have been a symbol of love for centuries, symbolizing unending and eternal love. Combine this with an engraving on the clasp or around the edge of the bracelet and you’re in for a winner. An inspirational message or a quote from a famous person in their field of study makes great engravings and will remind them of their years of hard work and achievement.

A Tie

Ties are a pretty safe bet since they’re a universal symbol of success and achievement. They’re also great when entering the workplace for the first time – a smart outfit will help your boyfriend feel accomplished, giving him a boost of confidence when he’s nervous. Save the novelty tie for Christmas and choose a smart tie in a single color, preferably his favorite or one that complements his complexion.

A Tie Bar

Tie bars add a touch of luxury to an outfit, adding a bit of extra detailing which really makes a man look put together. They’re the perfect piece of jewelry if your boyfriend doesn’t wear necklaces or bracelets, and they can be personalized with a small engraving across the front. Some tie bars are even set with stones, so choose their birthstone if they’re into astrology.

A Spa Break

Your boyfriend has (hopefully) worked hard over the past few years. In all likelihood, he’s probably absolutely knackered from all the late-night studying (and partying), so what could be better than a spa break to get away from it all? Even if it’s only for a weekend, your boyfriend is sure to enjoy being pampered after the last few years of cold student hall showers and questionably cooked pasta.

A Fancy Meal

It’s well known that students don’t exactly cook themselves Michelin-star meals. Pot noodles and beans on toast get boring after a while, so consider taking your boyfriend out for a culinary cabaret that rivals that of Lumiere himself. Hopefully, you know his favorite cuisine, so you can also cook for him a three (or more) course meal.

Lucky Pants

They say to graduate it takes 99% hard work and 1% luck, but we all know it takes a lot more luck than that in reality. We’re sure your boyfriend has worked hard, but to maintain his level of luck, a nice new pair of pants is sure to make him happy. There are plenty of humorous novelty pants out there that will give him a good laugh, but there’s nothing wrong with getting him something a little sexy. Pass it to him with a cheeky wink and he’s sure to get the idea…

A DIY Cake

Last and not least, you can’t forget the cake! It’s the perfect opportunity to treat him to whatever cake he likes, so if he’s a fan of a quadruple chocolate fudge cake finished with chocolate ganache and chocolate swirls, this is the time to get it. Add a few sparklers and it’s sure to impress. If you’re able to make this yourself, even better.

Graduation is a big day in a young person’s life. It’s a day of celebrating achievements and successes, and gifts are part and parcel of that. You don’t have to get your boyfriend anything huge or massively expensive. As long as your gift comes from the heart and he knows you’re proud of him, that’s what really matters.

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