How to Make a Great Backyard Area for Your Dog

If your dog is like mine, he loves to play outside. He loves to run, sniff, dig, chase balls, and generally run around in the grass. He’ll still go outside in deep winter, but with shorter walks. He’ll go in for a quick dip in the kiddie pool on hot summer days. But when the weather gets hot, his enthusiasm for outdoor activities wanes. He’ll go out but then get tired and lay in the grass. And when he gets back inside, he’ll get dirty again, probably staining your favorite carpet somehow.

Dogs love playing in the yard, but rather than letting them run free; you might consider putting in some features in your backyard that make it easier to keep your dog company. Your backyard area can be a home improvement for your dog and you. The right backyard living improvement idea could be anything – from a pool to a shed! Your garden could be the perfect place for your dog to run off some energy, play fetch, chase the neighbor’s cat, or just romp around.

Here are some features you might use to make a more dog-friendly backyard:

Dog Patrol Paths 

Dogs love being outside, but owners who want to make sure they stick to their human rules may want to invest in some portable dog patrol paths. These paths are small enough to place in your dog’s backyard but large enough to be fun and appealing for your dog to walk on.

Back Door Paw-Washing Station

Dogs need backyards to run, play, and, most of all, get away from their owners. Unfortunately, most yards are too small to accommodate dogs, but there are ways to make the yard more functional. One idea is to create an outdoor area for dogs to go to the bathroom. To do this, build a dog washing station in an area of the house that gets a lot of sunshine, such as the basement.

For Digging, put a Sandbox 

Dogs love to dig. What better way for them to do that than with a sandbox? It is an inexpensive way to make them happy. What you make for digging is your call. You can make a small one or simply give them a large box and let their imagination take them wherever they want it. You even have the option of adding a ladder for them to climb up and play in.

Give Shelter

If you have a dog, you probably have a dog house or dog kennel for your dog. But your dog probably prefers to sleep outside at night, and like people in cold climates, dogs need protection from the elements. A dog house or kennel can provide your dog with the needed warmth and protection from the elements. But, if your dog senses anything else is going on in your yard, a dog house can quickly become an undesirable place to sleep.

Water Feature

Dogs love water, and one of the best things you can do for them is to build a water feature in their backyard. Water features come in many shapes and sizes, but the one I recommend is the pondless waterfall. They require very little maintenance since they don’t sit in a bowl full of water (or a pond) but instead use a pump to deliver the soothing sound of falling water. For that, you can simply hire a professional offering well pump service in Redmond, WA (or wherever you are based) and a contractor who can together decide the design and get it built for you.

Flop Spot for Warm Weather

If you are fortunate enough to have a yard, it makes the perfect space for your furry friend to exercise, play, and sleep. However, Fido or Fluffy will need a protected place to get away from the sun, rain, and wind while you enjoy your yard. You can create a protected dog space by adding a Post and Rail Fencing around your yard and digging a “floppy” area for your pup. Creating this kind of space is simple, cheap, and doesn’t take much time.

A place to Play Outdoors

Your dog is an outdoor dog. Your backyard is his favorite place. Let your dog run and play outside, only if you have proper fencing in the backyard so that it doesn’t end up running to the street. In case you don’t, you can consider getting chain link fencing (sites similar to could be helpful in this regard). It would give your dog an outside view as well while he is playing in the backyard, keeping him more interested. After this, your dog will love having his place outdoors.

When it comes to entertaining your dog, nothing beats playing outside in the fresh air. And what better way to enjoy your backyard than with a cozy backyard area for your dog? While you could build a kennel out of wood, cinder blocks, and bricks, building a doghouse is a pretty simple project that anyone can tackle. All you need are a few tools and some basic woodworking skills.

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