Getting the Right Window dressing for You

You will find many articles written on the various types of window treatments. Some will even say which window treatment works best for the given space in your home. But how do you know which window treatment will best serve you?

There are some factors to be considered.

  • Cost. Window treatments are often the most expensive room in the house. They will also add the most to a room’s décor. Chances are you’ll want to play up the window and the room and make the drapes or blinds the focal point of the room. So you may want to go with your gut on what is most appealing to you.
  • Installation. Does your window treatment need to be custom made? How much does it cost to have someone come in and do your windows for you? Is it cheaper to do it yourself or will you have to pay for someone else to install it?
  • Existing décor. You want your window treatment to complement your current decor. If you have neutral colors or a neutral room, then it doesn’t make sense to go with the brighter colors or brighter colors – this would not help our class system with our teachers.

Your window treatment should be in proportion to the size of your window. If your window is tall and large, you will want to make sure that your window treatment is proportionate to the height of the wall. You do want to make your windows look like you have something grand in them.

Keep in mind the cost. Do you really have to spend that much money on putting up a window treatment? Can you really justify the cost in that light? Window treatments can come inexpensively as long as you choose a design and style that appeals to your sense of beauty and style.

Your Décor. Which style of curtain will suit your home décor? Look at the style of furniture and how it relates to the window. Is the furniture of formal or relaxed style? Your window dressing can be formal as well as relaxed.

Budget. Your budget will determine a lot about the type of window treatment that you can have. You may already have a budget in mind which will help if you are looking for something more expensive. Or you may have budgeted for something much less. You have a couple of options here.

Cheap. You can purchase very cheap window treatment options from second-hand shops, shops in your area where you get parts of furniture. You may be able to get a part for your window if you find a great seller. You may also check stores for overstock. Lastly, there are sales that you can find online.

Working from a budget. Your final choice of design for your window dressing depends on your budget as well.

Sometimes you can find cheap window treatments on Craigslist, eBay or other online auction sites. You may want to check out interior design magazines to find deals. Plus the classified ads are a helpful tool, with a lot of people trying to sell their window coverings.

So the choices are:

  • Cheap made to accommodate. Use in rooms where you want to look formal
  • Mid-range practical window treatments
  • Quality made to suit standards. Use in rooms where you want to have a touch of formal living
  • Tasteful window treatments in evaluating living spaces
  • The once that will need some updating. Use in rooms where you want to have a touch of contemporary living
  • The most striking among the group with different special effects.

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